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Nurture One Nesting Cushion Illustration
  • Ensure your baby’s head is at all times elevated above the rest of the body.
    (Suggestion: Place a wedge or folded towelling nappy beneath the cushion under your baby’s head)
  • Prepare the nest by molding the cushion to the position your baby will assume.
  • Place your baby’s head between the sewn parallel lines.
Nurture one nesting cushion with baby illustration

When positioning your baby on his/her back, always ensure…

  • head in middle
  • band over tummy and hips
  • shoulders forward which in turn will promote and encourage hands to the middle or face area
  • support by moulding the stuffing of the cushion along the side of the baby
Nurture one nesting cushion illustration with a baby

When positioning your baby on his/her side, always ensure…

  • band around hips for correct bracing
  • head in midline with chin tucked in slightly
  • knees and hips slightly bent
  • hands/fingers to face/mouth
  • support by moulding the stuffing of the cushion behind shoulders and back

The product was designed for newborn babies to simulate the womb, which is the ideal sensory environment for your baby’s development. This research formed part of a Master’s thesis in a neonatal ICU. The sensory system of the baby fully develops around 6-7 months, so ideally you should use the cushion until the baby physically grows out of it.

You can definitely swaddle and then put your baby into the nest.  Please note that you must place your baby on its back in the cushion when swaddling. We find that some babies need to be swaddle initially and others don’t.  What you can also do is put them in the nurtureOne nest and then tuck them in with a cotton blanket or sheet over them – what your little one is seeking is extra proprioception which is the boundaries they experience in utero. If possible please leave arms or hands out of swaddling – it is important that they are able to bring their hands together and towards their face for self-calming and motor development.

Yes. Please look at the online retailers on the website

– go to buy/online-retailers/

You can use the nesting cushions until your babies outgrow them. When you are ready to transition them(Jen transitioned her babies at around 8 months), first take away the nurtureOne™ nesting cushion during their morning sleep. To help here, you can roll a towel and put it at the bottom of their cot with their feet up against it. Once they have adjusted to their morning sleep without their nurtureOne™ nesting cushion, then do the same with the afternoon sleep and only when they are happy with the day sleeps without the nesting cushion, then remove it from the night sleep. In our experience, this is not a traumatic process

The nurtureOne™ nesting cushion is perfect for side sleeping. Especially when a newborn can only sleep on their side, if they tend to vomit when on their backs.

See instructions below or refer to the website:

When positioning your baby on his / her side, always ensure:

  • band around hips for correct bracing
  • head in midline with chin tucked in slightly
  • knees and hips slightly bent
  • hands/fingers to face/mouth
  • support by molding the stuffing of the cushion behind shoulders and

Sudden Infant death Syndrome (SIDS) –

is a highly controversial and unknown phenomenon – so much so that there are a number of different schools of thought regarding the risk factors, however many unproven.

The nurtureOne™ nesting cushions have been designed with babies’ safety top of mind, ensuring wherever possible the use of natural fibres (a combination of two products allowing for ventilation). We have also allowed for the face / head to be placed between the two parallel lines, ensuring no obstruction near the mouth and nose area and no airway obstructions. Back and half back / side sleeping is also encouraged when sleeping on the nurtureOne™ nesting cushion. To date, the nurtureOne™ nesting cushions have been used successfully worldwide without any negative consequences for over 12 years.

See below links to more research and findings on the topic:

Sudden and Unexpected – SIDS

In terms of positioning and spinal development, the nesting cushion allows for appropriate positioning: a young baby is most comfortable in a slightly flexed position.

Please see our website ( for positioning of your baby on the nesting cushion. The cushion has been designed to simulate the womb environment so is the ideal sleep environment in all ways for your baby.

Please have a look at this video on my Facebook page: It demonstrates how you can move the stuffing around. The nurtureOne™ nesting cushion was initially part of a Master’s research thesis for a neonatal ICU where the incubators are raised on the head side. We, therefore, do advise you to use a wedge (available from nurtureOne™) or even fold a blanket/towel to place under the head part.

Side lying is perfect and more advisable. Please look at my website for details We can’t advise you to put your baby on his or her tummy, apnea monitors do work under the cushion.

Please have a look at our Facebook page – it has a video demonstration on how to move the stuffing around:

It is also helpful to wash it in the laundry bag provided.

Nurture one nesting cushion washing instructions

For Best Results:

  1. Use a liquid washing detergent
  2. Wash in a laundry bag / pillow slip
  3. Hand wash / Front loader washing machine.
  4. Rinse well and spin dry
  5. Sun dry/Cool tumble dry.

We know babies need food, warmth, sleep and love. How best to meet these needs? Prior to birth, a baby′s environment is dark, quiet and contained. For the first few months after birth, most newborns thrive in conditions that try to provide the same sense of calm and security that they felt in the womb.

The nurtureOne™ nesting cushion is a sensory developmental approach for your new born baby. That is, it provides your baby with the ideal sensory needs for sleep while promoting development by allowing movement and self soothing to occur. Read Further…

nurtureOne™ is dedicated to helping parents provide a tranquil, secure resting environment for their newborns, promoting a seamless integration of baby into our world.

A newborn baby is a gift and an inspiration. Parents feel an overpowering desire to do everything they can to ensure their babies feel loved, safe and relaxed. With your baby′s need for containment and peace in mind, we have designed the unique nurtureOne™ nesting cushion. The cushion assists with snug position for sleeping, which in turn encourages calm and relaxation. Allowing for a smooth transition from breast or bottle to crib without changing position, the nurtureOne™ cushion is our answer to every parent′s question. How can I help my baby sleep well?



in sustaining good sleeping patterns



unnecessary stress



containment and a sense of calmness



boundaries in the bed



body temperature



a smooth transition from breast/bottle to crib

The nutureOne™ Weighted Soother assists babies in settling. It provides deep
pressure sensory input to encourage calm, soothing sleep. Place gently on baby’s

Once baby is settled or asleep gentally remove to avoid habituation.

The nurtureOne weighted soother is filled with micro-glass beads which are perfectly smooth, hypo-allergic, non-toxic, odourless, and environmentally friendly.

The 100% cotton cover is removable for machine washing.

550 grams – from new-born to 5 kg
750 grams from 5kg – up


Do not place the weighted soother near or on your baby’s face or chest.
Do not heat


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