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What professionals say about nurtureOne™

I have been using and demonstrating the benefits of the nurtureOne™ Nesting Cushion for nine years now, and it has become an essential tool for me in teaching new parents to settle both contented and fussy babies. It is so much more comfortable as a sleeping mattress than the standard hard mattresses and wedges, and enables parents to transfer a settled baby, out of arms and into their cot/place of sleep. My parents are delighted and relieved at how much better their babies sleep, and it empowers them enormously. Importantly, too, it is safe.

Heather Wood Nurse And Midwife

Neither of my children was born prem. In fact, both weighed almost 4kg at birth and I refused to put them on any cushion but the nurtureOne™ cushion. From the moment they popped out, I used the nurtureOne™ cushion. They always moulded perfectly into the soft body-hugging cushion and were always so comfortable. When everyone else′s babies were wriggling around the cot, my babies slept soundly, safely tucked in to their cushions. As an occupational therapist, it was important for me to give them a comforting sensory environment so as to ensure a smooth easy transition from womb to world. The nurtureOne™ cushion ensured that they were always positioned in a safe, developmentally correct position within a beneficial tactile and proprioceptive environment. It also meant that wherever we went with our babies, they slept as though they were in their own beds because our cushion accompanied us on all our outings. After the dummy, it was my most prized possession!

Haley Rogoff

The nurtureOne™ cushion was the best present I received with my second child. My third child loved it so much, he used it well into his second year! Both of my boys found it a soothing, comforting and nurturing sleep environment - everything a mother wants for her baby. As a therapist, I gladly recommend it to parents of both term and preterm babies, as it facilitates all the therapeutic outcomes we aspire to in terms of regulation and motor development. A wonderful, wonderful product!

Lizl Dennis Physiotherapist

Newborns are particularly sensitive. They crave to be enveloped, warm and snug: all the things that remind them of the womb. I have worked successfully over the years with the nurtureOne™ cushion, particularly for those colicky, fussy babies who have difficulty settling to sleep. In my opinion 'a must' for all newborn babies!

Dr Anna Keating

The success of the nurtureOne™ Nesting Cushion is evident in the responses from our clients. Mums can feed the baby, supported in the nest, and then transfer to the crib without too much disruption. Babies remain calm when they are snug and secure.

CindyHomewood BowwoodBabyClinic
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